How Your Business Can Participate in Cider Week FLX

You can be part of Cider Week FLX as a business sponsor, a participating cidery, or a cider-friendly venue.  Public enthusiasm for cider is really growing.  Join the cider revival!



As one of the fastest growing beverage industries in the US, it is clear that all eyes are on cider.  Now is the time to take advantage of this exciting surge in popularity by making the Finger Lakes renowned as one of the leading regions in cider production.  With the help of our sponsors we can expand our reach, increase our voices and make this mission a reality.

Your sponsorship helps us continue to produce a top-notch weeklong event! Celebrating the rich cider wealth of the Finger Lakes grows ciders’ consumer base, gets folks excited about local agriculture and most of all increases sales for both producers and businesses that carry this fantastic Finger Lakes beverage. Cider Week FLX not only reaches our local population but brings in visitors from NYC, Pennsylvania, and even further afar.  We couldn’t do it with out your generous support.

Cider Week FLX Sponsorship Packages

Supporting Sponsor $250

  • Logo on Cider Week FLX poster
  • Logo and URL on Cider Week FLX website sponsorship page

Premier Sponsor $500

All of the benefits listed above, plus:

  • Logo placement in an email newsletter
  • Share of a Facebook event on @ciderweekflx
  • A dedicated Instagram post on @newyorkcider

Main Sponsor $1000

All of the benefits listed above, plus

  • Preferred logo placement on all Cider Week FLX promotional materials
  • Preferred logo and URL on footer of Cider Week FLX website
  • Preferred logo placement included in consumer newsletter
  • Preferred logo and URL on Cider Week FLX website sponsorship page
  • Featured blog post about your business on Cider Week FLX website

To become a sponsor, please contact

Jenn Smith, New York Cider Association


Are you a cider producer located in the FLX region of NY State?  Do you source your apples primarily from NY orchards?  Are you committed to crafting the best cider you possibly can?  Then becoming a participating cidery in FLX Cider Week may be a great opportunity for your cider business.  To learn more, please fill out this form and we’ll reply!

Please note that filling out the form does not automatically sign you up as a Cider Week FLX cidery.  We will contact you after receiving your information.  See a list of participating cideries.


Are you a bar, restaurant, hotel, tasting room, wine shop, or other cider-friendly venue in the Finger Lakes Region?  Would you like to commit to carrying at least 2 Cider Week FLX participating ciders at your venue and join in the fun?  Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

See our interactive map of Cider Week locations.