Cider Week features these regional farm-made and craft ciders.

Cider Makers

Eve's Cidery
Van Etten, NY
Eve's is a small family orchard and cidery located at the intersection of the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. We believe the best ciders require true cider varieties, grown for the purpose of making cider, fermented carefully and with skill, and blended with artistic vision.
Three Brothers Winery
Geneva, NY
Our estate-made Red Apple Bombshell Hard Cider is handcrafted by our winemakers from all local apples. Done in an off-dry original, semi-sweet raspberry apricot, and with new seasonals coming soon, Red Apple Bombshell Hard Ciders are truly "Just the Right Amount of Tart".
Bellwether Hard Cider
Trumansburg, NY
Bellwether is the Finger Lakes' first hard cider producer, specializing in artisanal American style craft ciders made using high quality local fruit. Started by Bill and Cheryl Barton in 1999, Bellwether remains a family owned and operated business.
Rootstock Ciderworks
Williamson, NY
"At Rootstock Ciderworks, we stay true to our roots. A farm cidery in Williamson, we make our cider from apples grown on our 5th generation family farm. Join us for cider week as we celebrate the harvest in Apple Country!"
Redbyrd Orchard Cider
Burdett and Trumansburg, NY
Redbyrd Orchard Cider is a small family-run sustainably managed orchard and cidery nestled in the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. We grow heirloom, wild seedling, and European cider apples to produce distinct hand-crafted ciders.

We are proud to be part of a movement of small cidermakers and orchardists committed to bringing true cider back to the American table and cider apple orchards back to the American landscape.
Good Life Cider
Interlaken, NY
Our ciders are distinctly American in style and range from tannic and dry to bright, fruit-forward and sweet; in sparkling, champagne and barrel-aged styles. Our range is based on traditional bittersweet apples and sharp, acidic heirloom fruits.
Black Diamond Farm
Trumansburg, NY
Black Diamond Farm is a small family owned orchard on the west slope of Cayuga Lake, in Seneca County NY. Our ciders and wines are made entirely from fruit grown right here on the farm, and hand crafted with traditional methods to express the local culture, soils and climate of the Finger Lakes. We grow more than 100 different apple varieties, including many American heirloom apples and European bittersweet cider varieties, and our five cider blends range from bone dry and tannic to semi-sweet and crisp—offering something for every cider lover!
Harvest Moon Cidery
Cazenovia, NY
The Harvest Moon Cidery is our small farm winery here at Critz Farms, in Cazenovia New York. We specialize in the production of hand crafted hard ciders made in small batches from apples grown and pressed right here on the farm.
Hazlitt's Orchard & Cider
Hector, NY
Hazlitt’s Orchard & Cider Crafters produces locally grown hard ciders in the heart of Naples, New York using select apple varieties grown in our own backyard. Our carefully crafted premium hard ciders are pure, crisp, and naturally gluten free. The glass, the packaging and the cider, everything we use is proudly made in the great state of New York. American Authentic. Honest to the Core.
Lake Drum Brewing
Geneva, NY
Lake Drum Brewing showcases some of the best ciders coming out of NY, with six ciders on tap at all times and an assortment of bottled ciders, there's something for everyone, whether it's a flight, a glass, or a growler fill. There's at least one house cider on tap at all times, currently it's a cider comprised of 20% cider barrel aged in chardonnay barrels. Lake Drum makes small batches of cider that can only be found in the 1200 square foot space in downtown Geneva.
South Hill Cider
Ithaca, NY
At South Hill Cider, our apples come from wild trees, abandoned orchards and orchards of high quality cider apples. Using traditional cider-making techniques we create timeless well-balanced ciders. South Hill Cider produces ciders with individuality, quality, and elegance reflecting the terroir of our beautiful Finger Lakes region.
Cider Creek Hard Cider
Canisteo, NY
Cider Creek Hard Cider is made on a family farm nestled in the hills of Canisteo, NY. Every batch is handmade with the finest blend of 100% New York State apples. You’ll never find concentrate, additional sugar or artificial sweeteners in Cider Creek, only the natural goodness that comes directly from the apple and the yeast.