August 22, 2013
By: Chris Lehault
The weather is on the edge of turning, and at some markets, the first gourds are starting to take over where summer berries left off. And while cider is a year-round beverage, there is no better time to rekindle your love for our gluten-free friend than in the upcoming Autumn months.
July 11, 2012
By: David Flaherty
The New York Cork Report's new cider column! “The cider wave is coming, and you’ll want to be riding it… Here are ten facts about cider to get you smart and talking the talk, to better help you appreciate the stuff when you start walking the walk.”
November 28, 2011
By: Kerry Newberry
“Artisanal hard ciders can be very similar to wine, with a range of flavors and styles, from sparkling or still to subtly sweet or bone dry.” With profiles of Eden Ice Cider and Foggy Ridge Cider!
October 01, 2011
The Hard Cider Buzz  - Food & Wine
By: Kelly Snowden
“American cider—the alcoholic kind—is having its trend moment with exciting new producers and varieties, from funky barrel-aged styles to dessert ciders akin to ice wines. Here, some of the best, plus three amazing cider bars.”
September 30, 2011
By: Andrew Knowlton
“Good news: [hard cider] is back. …Today’s artisanal food revolution has led to a boom in boutique cidermaking from Texas to New Hampshire. Handcrafted cocktails may be today’s reclaimed and restored libation of choice, but pretty soon it’ll be cider.”